Web & App Development

Smartphone, tablet, wearable and Internet of Things devices

Thanks to its experience, AGM Solutions, offers an ultimate support to companies who want to focus on development and iPhones, iPads, smartphones and Android tables applications realization.
Mobile devices are considered a new opportunity and great potential for companies who desire introducing innovative tools for handling their business processes or to provide advanced services to their personnel, to their technical and commercial network or to their customers.
AGM offers an ultimate and thorough set of consulting services, from the graphic design and user experience study to the planning of design activities, as well as the iPhone, iPad, smartphone and Android tablet applications development and their publishing on App-Store e Google Play.

Small Business
Solutions for visibility, sales and loyalty, designed for local activities, restaurants, shops, gyms, etc .

We support the realization of innovative projects based on geolocation, payments, couponing and much more

Customized solutions for companies that need a major scalability and integration with their legacy infrastructures

Among the most well-known tools of proximity, Beacons are devices for micro-location, through which it is possible to convey customized content according to the exact user’s location. The integration of these small devices allows us to produce mobile marketing applications.

The QR-code is printable and usable anywhere, it is considered the most widespread and versatile future tool. Having the possibility to independently create QR-codes, both static and dynamic, the users interaction level increases. Furthermore, using the application’s scanner, users are able to access content or get information about items a QR-code belongs to.

Near Field Communication (NFC), are chips that allow sending commands which in turn can trigger actions and convey content by touching Tags by a smartphone. Tags might be hidden onto products or in strategic positions so that users are actively engaged.

Taking advantage of the GPS signal, through the geo-fencing it is possible to identify and track a a digital perimeter on a map. Once users get to and leave the designated geographical area, the system automatically sends to users contextual and in line with your marketing strategy contents.

AGM operates in the IT market supporting public administration and private business as well as providing a comprehensive range of products, services and solutions

Our areas of excellence are:
– Mobile products and solutions Development
– Cloud based solutions Architecture Design
– Professional Web Development and e-commerce applications that can be integrated with company’s IT infrastructures
– IT projects Analysis and development on embedded platforms, mobile terminals, cloud or legacy architectures.
– Technological consultancy and project coordination
– Post-sales services and maintenance
– Social media marketing, SEO ranking, marketing analysis, business development, online advertising

We develop business applications to helping our customers on the processes analysis, gathering business requirements and selecting the solution’s architecture.
We design web and mobile applications, a return of a detailed of the User Experience (UX) study, on different terminals. Nevertheless, we analyse and implement communication protocols on systems/devices in field as well as communication services with different components of the companies’ information systems or other external systems.

We design IOT solutions, Asset Management, Big-Data.
AGM creates innovative access control projects, from the primary requirements of a centralized access control and single sign-on platforms to internet / intranet applications interoperability.
The advance in technology has gradually shifted the focus on the enterprise applications access to the management of access credentials associated with a specific business role.
AGM has been specializing in developing customized solutions using single sign-on products, such as Oracle Access Manager (OAM) or Siteminder CA, realizing projects and solutions in identity management, User Provisioning and consequently the Management Role.