By iStorage we refer to a portable data storage solution, that can be activated using a PIN code together with hardware encryption and authentication. Thanks to the combination of the encryption and authentication, iStorage provides the highest protection level against the data loss or fraud. Such a system is used:
• To be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
• Because very often it is the most simple and less expensive alternative compared to the FULL DISK ENCRYPTION systems.
• To protect sensitive or confidential data that are being moved or shifted outward
• So that data are inviolable even in case of data loss or fraud
• For the management of the company’s confidential information
• As it allows sensitive, confidential and classified data secure transfer
• For video surveillance system, transferring data from IP CCTV
• For Information Management towards the police,
• By professionals for the management of their customer’s data (Budget, financial statements, trial, etc.)
• To keep a backup copy of companies’ documentation.