Cabling & Networking

Cabling activity is mainly aimed to provide services such as design, implementation and maintenance for general systems in the networking and telecommunications field, through the accurate execution of the activities from the design stage to the final testing

AGM Solutions has an important operating structure equipped with specific equipment. Furthermore, AGM has advanced technical-instrumental resources and a highly specialized staff which allow it to achieve excellent results both across the country and globally. The main features that distinguish us are reliability and correctness in carrying out our business.

Quality is guaranteed by using the state-of-the-art solutions and products, which allow to simultaneously obtain secure and functional installations. We add good knowledge and experience to the professional competences in the regulatory area: this combination allows us to guarantee the highest level of quality of standards required for the design, implementation and maintenance activities, by currying out them with quality systems in accordance with the rules in force.

The result is a company that operates with seriousness and professionalism guaranteeing reliability of all of its provided services and products, not precluding a continuous confrontation with the customer to share ideas and technologies, but rather adding value to it.