“Timbrando” is a latest-generation application, designed and developed to make more flexible the management of working hours of the personnel who are not physically located at the company’soffice, but rather they are located at customer’s premises for external consulting activities. “Timbrando” has been developed in compliance with what is stated in the prior check regulation released by the Personal Data Protection Authority’s (see the September 8th 2017 preliminary check). The app is available for iOs and Android systems. Alternatively, it can be used as a legacy badging system, that must be installed at the company’s central office.

Our customized solution of “Timbrando” foresees a desktop version, based on NCF Tagtechnology, with a GUI for iOs or Android systems. Employees will in addition have the possibility to check their badging records, insert notes and send requests. Furthermore, Timbrando reminds your employees to badge and it reminds them only when they are at their working places, thanks to the new technology iBeacon, an indoor positioning system, briefly described as a new class of transmitters, low-power and low-cost, that can announce their presence to nearby devices”. Through this solution it is possible to bypass geolocation, as a result, no employees’ sensitive data are being managed. Finally, Timbrando can be easily integrated with any company’s badgerecording systems. Please do not hesitate to contact us for the product’s demo and an estimated budget.