App Business Continuity

The interruption of the business continuity means disservice.
Guarantee the service’s continuity.
Events that have negative impacts on business in public and private entities can appear at any time and in many forms, due to either natural causes or  human activities. Breakdowns, lack of resources, energy failure, earthquakes, floods, fires or other natural disasters, sabotage, cyber-attacks, human errors, …: The causes of business interruption can be different, therefore, focusing only on security and preventive protection is not enough. The related BC plans must be reviewed on regular basis, tested and updated in order to be able to sustain the business continuity and services provision.

For this purpose our team leads companies in drawing up a disaster recovery plan, which consists of the diagnosis of their information systems.
There is the need to identify all potential risks (high and low risks) and evaluate their likelihood to occur. To be able to manage in a simple and immediate way a possible business interruption events , a mobile app has been developed for IOS and Android systems to support and guide the top and executive  managers (the so called “command chain”) in the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery events management.

Through this application it is possible to check – based on the proper business role- activities that a user must accomplish in accordance with the faced emergency typology. For instance, immediately bear phone numbers of people who must be contacted and illustrate the emergency and business continuity plan. The Application can be easily adopted to all customers’ organizational structures.


app disaster recovery